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Heath Consulting - Who We Are

Heath Consulting provides a unique approach to business process analysis and the software development life cycle.  We work closely with our clients to ensure their unique business needs are achieved through the use of intelligent software applications.

Who We Are

We use a unique and creative approach to solve problems.  We partner with our clients and use our rich industry knowledge to address their unique needs.  At Heath Consulting, we are dedicated to the success of our clients.  No other firm will work as hard to ensure your success.


We immerse ourselves into our clients’ domain to fully understand their problems and opportunities.  We use our industry expertise and unique perspective to find the best solutions.  We are committed to addressing our clients’ needs, ensuring their goals and objectives are achieved, resulting in their financial success.


We are a team of dedicated IT professionals who began their careers with big ten consulting firms working with Fortune 500 clients.  We believe in helping our clients achieve real business value rather than increasing billable hours at any cost.  Our commitment, to find the right solution to meet the clients’ specific needs and challenges, sets us apart from other firms.


Our best in class professionals have deployed world-class applications, for industry leaders across multiple business sectors.  We specialize in finding and implementing the right solution, not just one which happens to be convenient or the latest fad.  We look for the best approach to meet our clients’ specific goals which ensures their success both now and into the future.  


We work closely with our clients to understand their current challenges.  We help develop a strategic vision and identify a plan for sustainable change.  We partner with our clients to ensure their long term success.

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