Heath Consulting

Our Approach

Our Approach

Heath Consulting uses an industry-agnostic approach to address a client's business and technology needs. Not only do we work closely with our clients to understand their current challenges, but we also partner with them to develop a strategic vision and identify a plan for sustainable change.

We have extensive expertise in all aspects of the software development life cycle that, when coupled with our approach detailed below, brings successful results for each of our clients.

Empower each Business PRocess

Collaborative design techniques are a time-tested approach to reduce the amount of time it takes to elicit and document requirements. 

At Heath Consulting, we want to ensure that each required business process is captured properly so we use iterative requirements analysis to quickly and comprehensively gather requirements. 

We employ use cases, user stories, and UML to further accelerate the design process and guarantee ease of maintenance throughout the life of the software.

Keep Methodology Top of mind

When it comes to software development methodologies, one size does not fit all.

Heath Consulting always keeps a software development methodology top of mind to help an organization build quality software in a repeatable process. 

Standardized methods allow project teams to easily share resources thus reducing the need for dedicated project teams. 

We can help your organization define a methodology which works best for your business environment.

design across platforms & packages

Heath Consulting identifies and implements the technology that meets each client's specific needs.

Therefore, our expertise is not limited to a single platform, language or software package.

create Defined QA test cycles

Quality begins with definitive project goals and requirements.  The most common problem with QA and UAT testing are test cycles which take too long.  This is typically caused by poor requirements and what we call "testing for requirements".

A well-defined QA and UAT testing process will quickly validate software releases and identify improvement opportunities early in the development process.


Train and mentor

Imparting knowledge to our clients is our primary objective.  The more your organization knows, the more likely they are to succeed.  Information and knowledge will empower your organization and drive it’s future success.