Heath Consulting

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Heath Consulting has a deep understanding of every aspect of the software development life cycle.

We are here to help you at any stage of your business or technology project whether it is an already-in-progress project that needs to get back on track or a new project that needs to be completed in a tight time frame.

Our areas of expertise currently include:

  • Agile Consulting
  • Digital Transformation
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Requirements & Design
  • Business Process Service
  • Testing
  • Training & Mentoring

Agile Consulting

Heath Consulting provides Agile consulting services which ensures our clients  improve their ability to respond to company initiatives in a timely and cost-effective manner. We help our clients deploy Agile best practices by leveraging existing resources and technologies in order to drive growth and profitability by delivering business centric solutions.

Digital Transformation

Heath Consulting's software development knowledge is not limited to a single platform, language, or software package. Instead, we use the right technology for your organization which enables the digital enterprise and improves workforce engagement.

Enterprise Cloud

Capitalize on your enterprise applications by enabling an innovative digital enterprise while lowering IT costs and increasing your business agility. Heath Consulting partners with our clients to provide technology and business process expertise to ensure the promised benefits of the cloud become a reality.


Heath Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of analytics services which enable our clients to leverage insights and quicken their digital transformation. Best-in-breed solutions allow you to utilize your current technology investments while incrementally delivering a robust analytics solution.

Requirements Analysis and Design

Whether you are building or purchasing a software application, Heath Consulting wants to ensure your success by creating the best foundation possible.

Comprehensive requirements are the foundation upon which any solution must be built. Heath Consulting therefore partners with our clients to understand the business goals and objectives and transform those goals into actionable requirements. 

Business Process Services

We partner with our clients to provide continuous engagement across the entire organization resulting in optimized business processes. Crucial benefits are gained such as improved service delivery, reduction in operating costs, and improvements in customer satisfaction.

Business process optimization helps companies gain a competitive edge by deploying technology to enrich the workplace and customer experience.


Quality begins at a project's initiation because superior software is the construction and implementation of strong design and development. This level of quality and attention to detail must be maintained throughout the project life cycle. 

QA and user acceptance testing ensure the delivered application adheres to the clients’ business and technical goals.

Training and mentoring

Imparting knowledge to our clients is our primary objective.  The more your organization knows, the more likely you are to succeed.  Heath Consulting's training and mentoring will empower your organization and drive its future success.


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