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Fortune 500 Website Redesign

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website reDesign

Facilitatedtheredesignofa Fortune 500 company's antiquatedwebsiteby

ConductedJAD sessions with business, creative and technical resources to
Ledbusinessanalystsin detailed   requirements   and   high   level   design   activities.  
Facilitated   reviews   of   detailed   requirements   including wireframes.

Reduced analysis and design effort by 50%


Software Development

Trained   and   mentored   analysts   in   use   case   analysis,
businessprocessmodelingandUML.    FacilitatedJAD
lychainto support new menu items.
Improved quality of supply chain solutions by implementing
requirements and QA best practices.

Quality Assurance

Quality begins at project initiation and must be maintained throughout the project life cycle.  QA begins with a thorough understanding of the business requirements.  Test plans are built based on this foundation.  QA and user acceptance testing ensures the delivered application adheres to the clients’ business and technical goals. .

Methodology Design & Development

Having a repeatable development life cycle is critical to building software successfully.  We can help you define a repeatable process best suited to your specific environment and business needs.  Successful methodology is not a one size fits all approach; rather it should be tailored to your organizations unique goals and objectives.

Training and mentoring

Imparting knowledge to our clients is our primary objective.  The more your organization knows, the more likely they are to succeed.  Information and knowledge will empower your organization and drive it’s future success.


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